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I've split the gardening pages from my website ( a different page, . Navigation was getting confusing, if you want boats, cats and various experiments then go here to

Dirt on My Hands - My Gardening Pages

Gardening for cats

Cats and Plants

growing canna lilies

Growing Canna Lilies

getting a Tanzer 22 sail boat

Growing Hostas

My experiment growing ginseng

Growing Ginseng Experiment

flower photos for a winter day

Photos of flowers for a Winter Day

Hyper tufa garden ornament


shade gardens

Planting a Shade Garden

Perrennials that survive the Toronto Winter

Hardy Plants

Raised Beds


I Grew Artichokes in Canada

Scarlet runner bean flower

Scarlet Runner Bean

Pest Control


Biochar Experiments

milkweed flower

Growing Milkweed

Squash Vine Borer

sun graphic

Soil Solarization


Growing OKRA

Jack in the pulpit


monarch butterflies

Raising Monarchs

agave plant

Visit to the Botanical Gardens in Burlington

Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem Artichokes


My 12 Essential Garden Plants

hummingbird moth

Hummingbird Moths



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