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culantro plant

Growing Culantro

I grew culantro this summer. The flavour is like cilantro on steroids and the flavour remains even after cooking.


I grew cannabis. Don't click if you are not 18 or over.

I grew and tried marijuana this summer to see if it could reduce pain on my hands and help me sleep. Here is what happened. Cannabis is legal in Canada.

drain fly larva

Drain flies in my bathroom. I figured out they were the same bug as the larva living in my septic system

While pumping out the septic system I noticed some grubs in the water. It turns out they are drain flies. I'd occasionally seen them around the house. Are they harmful?

wasps on flower

Companion Planting helps Protect Asparagus from Spotted Asparagus Beetle

Parsnip flowers attracted wasps that completely cleared asparagus beetle caterpillars from my asparagus

snail on leaf

Controlling Snails and Slugs

Much to my surprise my chard and beet were barely touched by the slugs and snails. This is why.

tulip tree

How to Grow Tulip Trees

Tulip trees are beautiful, fast growing stately trees. Here's how to grow them.

DIY bird feeder hanger

DIY Squirrel and Raccoon proof bird feeder hanger

I made a squirrel/raccoon proof bird feeding station to hang all my bird feeders. It's a great success.

row of jack in the pulpit flowers

How to grow Jack in the Pulpit Flowers from Seeds

This is how I grew jack in the pulpit plants from seeds.

squirrel proof feeder

Squirrel Proof Peanut Butter Feeder

I like to feed peanut butter but squirrels had become so clever I had to up the antes and build a squirrel proof feeder. It's like building a better mousetrap. So far it's working!

filling squirrel proof feeder

Easy and quick way of filling Squirrel Proof Peanut Butter Feeder

I figured out an easy way to fill the feeder. Much easier and faster than using a knife.

canna lilies

Growing Canna Lilies from Seeds

Although it's faster to use tubers, Canna Lilies are easy to start from seeds.

black eyed susan

Plants that attract butterflies

Many flowers attract butterflies. These are the ones that are most successful in my garden.

black swallowtail

I Raised Black Swallowtail Butterflies

I was updating pages and realized that I had never posted this. Gorgeous Black Swallowtails. Garden Porn to help wait for spring.


My Bird Pages

I moved and updated my Bird Photos, and pages on How to make Birdhouses. They were on my Boats (and other good stuff) Pages before.

-Birds of the Eastern North America and in particular the Niagara Region where I live
-Birds of the Niagara Region Page 2 (There are a lot of birds here!)
-Birds of the Niagara Region in Winter
-Wild Turkeys
-Crows playing in an updraft
-DIY Traditional Bird House,    -Triangular Birdhouse,     -Making a Nesting platform for mourning doves and robins -Hawk eating a bird while crows watch


What is a hybrid?

What is a hybrid, are they better than regular seeds, are hybrids GMO?

starting seeds

What seeds need to germinate

What do seeds need to come up quickly and produce healthy seedlings. Why are some seed so difficult to grow? This article looks at some regular and some exceptional requirements for seed germination.


Don't feed these things to your cat

I got yet another link about food you should "never" feed to your cat. I decided to check if this was really true and what the evidence really was. Here is my result. Good for dogs too. List of what (really) you should not feed to your cat, and what is OK.

catnip distillation

Distilling Fresh Catnip to get catnip essential oil

I distilled fresh catnip oil to get essential oil to add to my insect repellent recipe. It was a success. My apparatus was simple stuff I had around the house.


Growing Parsnips

Not only are they delicious but they can be picked late in the fall or in spring.


Have you ever wondered how potentially Rabid animal bites are treated?

I was bitten by an unknown stray cat and got treated for potential rabies. Not much fun. Both cat and I survived.

pink slime mold

Pink Slime Mould in my firewood

I found pink and yellow slime mould growing on a piece of firewood.


Growing Cardoons

This year I grew a cousin of the artichoke called Cardoons. It is popular in Mediterranean Cuisine. It grew very well but was annoying to prepare. It makes a nice ornamental plant though.


Butterflies in my Back Yard

Sorting out my summer photos I found I had some nice butterfly photos


A visit to the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory

A great place to visit and take the kids. Don't forget your camera


Plants that attract bees

A sampling of plants that I have found that attract a lot of bees and other pollinators

irrigation system

Simple DIY Irrigation System

I put together a simple irrigation system for my raised beds. Some drip and mostly soaker hose. It's been working really well and saves a lot of time and some money.

Does using newspaper mulches add heavy metal to soil

I Did some checking and here is my report

making charcoal

Making Charcoal at Home

I make charcoal for the garden and also for burning. I'm planning to try and cast aluminium after I launch my boat. This is how I make charcoal in the woodstove. Easy and safe.


Growing Milkweed

I updated my milkweed growing page and added several new photos

Led lights

LED Lights

I made a light to help start seeds inside. It cost me about 20 dollars.


Photographs of spiders in my back yard

I was looking at some of my summer photographs and decided to share a few of the spiders. Spiders are some of my favourite insects and they do a tremendous job keeping my garden pest free.


12 Plants that can feed you through the summer.

If I could only plant 12 varieties of plants these would be my choice.

monarch butterfly

Raising Monarch Butterflies from Eggs, part 1

This is as close to magic as it gets for me. Amazing.

Raising Monarch Butterflies from Eggs Part 2

Squash Vine Borer

black eyed susan

plants that butterfly like

agave plant

Visit to the Botanical Gardens in Burlington

irrigation system

Irrigation System


Plants that attract Bees and Pollinators


Visit to the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls


Growing Cardoons

Bird feeder hanger rack

Squirrel/Raccoon Proof bird feeder hanger

How to grow tulip trees

Growing Tulip Trees


Growing Culantro

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